Video Editing Services

Your Content Repurposed

There are a few ways I can edit video for you. Some of you may already have branding, name of company and basic editing skills. Good for you! I work with Adobe After Effects (this is my favorite software) and I can create customizable branding for all your videos. This means taking your logo and animating it for the opening and closing of your classes or other presentations. Also, I can use this template and create several short form videos for social media. 

Others may have picked up a camera and started zoom for the first time. You got 90% of the hard part down. I can help you edit your videos so you may upload them for your clients use. If you don’t have branding, I can also help you with creating your own personal look for your clients to remember you by. 

Video Editing Options


      Taking your live zoom, Facebook whatever videos and creating you look for the whole video. This includes  font styles,         color and animation. Everything is customized from your input.





     Using the branding and adding it to your long form videos. This is your full classes or other series you have created. 


     Editing a series of social media videos with your messaging and branding. 

    There are many ways we can work together. Below will give you some ideas. 

Branding Videos
Editing Long Form Videos
Editing Short Form Videos


This is the branding I have started creating for yoga teacher. The top is social media video and below is the open to her long classes. This is fluid process. She may have ideas she will want to change as we go through editing together. 

Here is another example using footage from her home studio. She shot this with her iPhone and I added the graphics.